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laser fråga

Inläggav Jamie Fawcus » lör 24 maj 2014, 21:22

behöver lite råd/tips
förlåt! måste ta det på engelska:-
i need a laser unit or maybe two, green or blue, that can project a single unmoving beam that can be simply turned on and off a couple of times at different points during a 40 minute performance. the laser should also be able to produce an unmoving "liquid sky" effect that can be turned on and off a couple of times during the performance as well. in addition (though not essential) it would be good if the laser can step through different positions/beam angles via remote control or DMX device, in order that the beam can point to different positions in the performance space. the laser does not need to automatically cycle through presets or produce sound-reactive disco effects. what i really need is simple control over basic functions for the laser. something i can order from Thomann maybe? budget around 2000 to 4000 SEK but can be increased if needed.
hope this makes sense, and hope someone can help!
Jamie Fawcus
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